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Aloe Vera como possível tratamento


Artigo em Inglês.

Aloe Vera For Crohn’s Disease
By Celia Spiers

The use of aloe vera for crohn’s disease is providing new hope for some people. This is a very uncomfortable problem which can affect the digestive system or the gastrointestinal tract anywhere from the mouth to the anus. There are significant variations but the most common symptoms are weight loss, diarrhea (with signs of blood), abdominal pain and vomiting.

External conditions such as arthritis, skin rashes and inflammation of the eyes commonly accompany these symptoms. The precise cause of this disease has never been pinpointed but it is classified as an inflammatory bowel disease because it occurs when the immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract and is therefore considered to be an autoimmune disease. The use of aloe vera for crohn’s disease is a new approach that is providing a positive solution.

There are generally genetic considerations and siblings around teens to twenties have the highest incidence of contraction. This peaks again later on in the 50-70 age group. Either sex can be affected equally and currently the prevalence of this disease in Northern Europe is 27-48 per 100,000.

This disease affects 400,000 to 600,000 people in Northern Europe and it was found that smokers are 3 times more likely to develop the symptoms. No one has yet developed a drug based cure although there are remedial processes available for other inflammatory bowel disorders. Currently, the only course is to attempt to control the symptoms and keep them in remission. However, a growing number of people have found relief using aloe vera for crohn’s disease.

Ingesting aloe vera can have a stabilising effect and patients have reported an easing of the discomfort caused by the pain of gastrointestinal dysfunction. New research has extended the medicinal uses of aloe vera to traditional pharmaceutical grade prescription doses. Jean Heal, a 40 year old woman, is an interesting case study:

She was diagnosed with this disease at age 20. She had considerable difficulty leading a normal life because of it and after 20 years her doctor suggested colonic surgery as a possible solution. At this time she was suffering from exhaustion and depression and this proposed course of action caused her considerable stress. A friend had heard about the use of aloe vera for crohn’s disease.

In desperation she investigated on the Internet and found a pharmaceutical grade aloe vera which promised results. After 3 days following a prescribed dose she was no longer in pain and noticed that if she missed her daily dose there was an immediate return of the symptoms.

This meant that her life had been turned around and was completely changed for the better. She no longer felt that she had to plan her shopping trips according to the close proximity of toilets. This result holds out a lot of hope for many people suffering from this debilitating disease. Increasingly positive results are emerging from patients who have been using aloe vera for crohn’s disease.

Find out about these developments in pharmaceutical research. The use of aloe vera for Crohn’s disease can have real benefits for some people. Difficult digestive problems now have some real remedies thanks to the new purity now available. The greatly improved medicinal uses of aloe vera have extended the benefits of aloe vera to a much wider audience

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  1. 27/03/2009 18:17

    Estou a gostar muito deste blog e espero que continue a publicar artigos tão interessantes como este. Também eu sou paciente de Crohn.


  2. eu permalink*
    27/03/2009 19:13

    Olá Raquel, obrigado pelo comentário 🙂

    O blog é para continuar sim 🙂

  3. 29/03/2009 4:37

    I agree with you on the Aloe part. Aloe has helped people with Crohn’s Disease. I am with a company called isxperia and we do fundraisers for Non-Profits and have superior all Natural Products that aid with Crohn’s Disease and one of the products is AloeRed and we have seen amazing results.

    I wanted to pass this unofficial testimonial onto you. As people dedicated to helping others it is always great to see and hear about the differences we can make in people’s lives.

    I just received this from a mother of a 14 year old boy with Crohn’s Disease. She has done everything and anything, both traditional medicine, holistic, everything she has been suggested to do to help her son.
    She met with our President and myself a little less than a month ago and we suggested our Aloe, OPC+ and B12 to help aid.

    James is doing well. He has gained 15 pounds in the last month but he is on prednisone. We have just now started to reduce the dosage but it will be 2 months before he is completely off. I will be interested in seeing if he can maintain his new found energy and weight once he is off prednisone. However, I have great hopes with the powders. He hasn’t complained at all about drinking it in the morning which was a huge surprise for me. So, it must be very easy on his intestines because otherwise he would be telling me it just doesn’t taste good. So, I am very happy about that.

    He is taking the drink only in the morning. Should I have him drink it twice a day. He
    grazes all evening so it is hard to find him with an empty stomach. I could try after school
    but I’m not sure he would remember on his own. Or more likely, he would just choose not
    to remember. Let me know if we should up it to 2 times a day for him.
    Thanks for all of your help. This is the best I have seen him since he got sick 18 months ago.


  4. 04/06/2009 9:07

    Glad to see that is working for him and for more people.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Álvaro permalink
    11/01/2013 15:44

    Prezado Francisco,

    Você chegou a tentar usar aloe vera para o tratamento da doença?
    Desde já agradeço o retorno.

    • 11/01/2013 17:20

      Boa tarde, agradeço o seu contacto.

      Em relação ao aloe vera cheguei a tomar um xarope que na sua composição era na maior parte aloe vera. Infelizmente não resultou, quer-me a mim parecer que na verdade até piorou um pouco (se bem que possa ter sido dos outros componentes do xarope). O que resultou para mim foi a dieta SCD, tenho Crohn já há alguns anos e não tenho praticamente sintomas, o problema é que é uma dieta muito rigida que não permite descuidos, e é preciso MUITA força de vontade.

      Mais informações da dieta, em inglês:


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